Our Shows

Tuesday- The Magical Mr E Show

From 8 to 9pm, Mr E and Martin have very different music tastes, each week they try to change each other's minds, rarely succeeding. Together they riff on the week's news - finding songs tenuously linked to the headlines; go 'under the covers'; get morbid with 'The Necropolis Playlist' and play some great (and sometimes not so great) music!

Wednesday- Ground Station Zero

Ground Station Zero (8.30-9.30pm) is named for Matlock's WW2 secret underground resistance radio. It's our regular live Wednesday slot including banter from Matlock's Mark and Stuart: Rob James and Martin Lockett with occasional interjections from Alice.  GSZ champions local bands, festivals and venues, often featuring live sets and interviews with featured artists. Plus drop in a request for your favourite tunes via Facebook or Twitter.

Fridays- Joined Ends

Get that friday feeling with a great set of dance music from Cromford's best DJ, Rob Hardy. joinedends a place for all things good in electronic music & celebrating the freeing spirit of DANCE!

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