Ashley Bird

Ash is one half of The Monday Jam presenting team (with Lucie De Lacy) and also presents the monthly Cargo Bay show, focussed on alt-rock and other noisy music.

As editor of rock mag Kerrang! in the early 2000s, Ash co-ordinated and presented shows for the early incarnations of Kerrang! Radio. He also presented shows on Total Rock Radio and the Student Broadcast Network.

As well as music journalism, Ash has spent a number of years working as a photographer, mainly shooting artfully lit portraits, but also heading into photo pits at gigs and festivals such as Download, V Festival and Snowbombing.

Ash is the bass player in alt-rock band Damn Cargo. He cannot resist a pun. (Or a bun.)

Lucie De Lacy

Lucie is the cooler half of The Monday Jam presenting team (with Ashley Bird) and also presents the monthly Incidental Boogie show, filled with grooves, gems and jams (but no chutneys).

Despite being known on RFM for playing 'wonky pop', funk, indie and soul, Lucie is the singer in alt-rock band Damn Cargo.

When she’s not bossing a stage, or making radio shows, she works in a school.

Lucie has a tendency to accidentally switch one word in popular phrases. For instance, when describing how busy she was, she once declared herself to have ‘fingers in all the bowls’. Listen out for more of those.

Lucie is the human in this photo. We think.

Corey Lavender

The owner of top vinyl emporium Vanishing Point Records in Chesterfield, Corey is one of RFM’s longest standing DJs.

His Vanishing Point Records Show has been a staple of our Wednesdays since the dawn of time.

A former accountant, while walking across Spain a few years ago, Corey realised that numbers are boring, and decided instead to fill his life with the music he loves. Hence, his shop came into being… and he got involved with what was then called Radio Free Smedley Street.

A lover of myriad styles of music, you can expect to hear Bob Dylan, Chemical Brothers, all sorts of downbeat electronica, some more Bob Dylan and plenty of classic indie in his shows.

Corey pretends not to like country music.

Rob Hardy aka DJ

With his Joined Ends show and associated guest mixes and shows under the Joined Ends Presents... banner, Rob is our head of grooves.

Rob has been providing the "sounds to make you move" since the early days of Radio Free Smedley Street, and he's still going strong.

As well as his 'solo work', he is also part of the Eclectic Boogaloo Crew alongside DJ Red Lester.

Not just confined to his porch studio, Rob plays out at parties and pubs, and his vision for an old-school rave in Matlock Bath's Grand Pavilion came to fruition in 2019 with the monster RFM Christmas Get Down.

Rob has a show ident spoken by none other than Judge Jules. He played it three times in one show once.

Lippy Kid

Cult favourite electronica musician Lippy Kid was a big signing to RFM a couple of years back, and has become a key figure in the growth of the station.

His acclaimed album Thought Forms is a good example of what primarily drives him in a musical sense these days - electronic sounds with human feeling.

He presents the Electronica Show each month on RFM, adored by lovers of soulful synthesis and glorious glitchiness.

But with his background in the Manchester indie scene, and an unwavering love of Bowie, his record collection goes far beyond just electronica, and his new live show - The Thursday Bazaar - is beautifully eclectic.

John Redhead

‘Redders’ is our unashamed peddler of indie, rock and pop nostalgia, and has taken on the task of starting everyone’s weekends off in style with his new Friday evening weekly Redders’ Rewind slot.

He’s also gained a huge following as DJ for the recent #virtualpubcrawl sessions, soundtracking the charity drink-a-thons with sunny (mainly) 90s classics.

A head of year and PE teacher by trade, Redders is also a top model of bucket hats, and has the cutest-looking home radio studio of any of the RFM crew.

Andy Inns

As a promoter of gigs at The Old King’s Head in Belper, Andy has his finger firmly on the pulse of the UK folk scene.

Long before he joined the RFM team, his live Black Dog Radio show lived an independent life on Saturday mornings, with a dedicated band of listeners and two co-presenters in the shape of black labradors Bob and Mia.

Now, the Black Dog Radio show comes through RFM, and Andy also presents a monthly dispatch of gig news and tunes, as part of our Monday night rotation.

Andy is one of the most laid-back radio presenters in the world. And we say this with conviction.

Simon Philo

With his encyclopaedic knowledge of pop's past, Simon Philo would arguably be the RFM presenter you'd most want on your team for a pub quiz music round.

As subject leader of Pop Music In Society at the University of Derby, and the author of two popular books on music history, he spends his working  life sharing his knowledge and passion.

It's a wonder he finds the time and energy to also make the monthly 'Children Of The Revolution' show for RFM, but he does... and it's brilliant.

Simon looks after all our Thursday night specialist shows, and he has recruited a number of great presenters to the station under the banner of The Pop Society Presents...

Simon Galloway

Entering the RFM fold as presenter of the Glossop Record Club radio show, Simon has become our go-to guy for quality live broadcasting.

When he's not indulging his love for 70s and 80s pop and rock, Simon actually is an 'audio professional'. So if you were wondering why his voice sounds pleasingly compressed in his shows, there's your answer.

Simon's recent show with music media legend David Hepworth is considered by many to be one of the best shows RFM has ever broadcast.

Simon is also part of a podcast called The Giddy Carousel Of Pop.

As it stands, Simon is the only RFM presenter with his own personal musical jingle. Very fancy.