Joe Danks

Joe joined the Radio Free Matlock roster in March 2020 and has been presenting his Straight//Bizarre show live from Wirksworth to a dedicated following ever since. 

Joe is a complete music obsessive, and is just as comfortable chewing your ear off about hip hop or metal as he is the most sugary pop. He is a musician and singer, playing folk music from England, America and Ireland and has toured the UK and Europe with his various bands and projects. 

As well as his passion for music, Joe is a keen birdwatcher, morris dancer and cryptic crossword completer. Despite this making him sound incredibly dull, his shows are anything but – with music from the nasty fringes that exist at the edge of each genre. Straight//Bizarre celebrates and champions the avant garde – playing free jazz, microtonal music and polyphonous wonders from everywhere along the musical spectrum. 

If you ever need to get hold of Joe, just hang around in the Feather Star long enough and he will probably turn up.