Trip Hazard

Trip is our resident suburban cowboy. A down-home Tennessee country boy, trapped in the body of an East Midlands Suburbanite, Trip runs the dials to bring our listeners a feast of hits and deep cuts from the country, Southern Rock and Americana scenes with Nashville Skies: the only show on our roster with a feline sound engineer, in the form of Rodney the Bear.

When not waxing lyrical about country music or the gripes and grievances of daily life, Trip’s attention is focused on cats, guitars, and IndyCar racing, with little interest in anything else – except perhaps a good crime novel and a cup of tea.

Trip’s monthly appearances on RFM are aided and abetted by a rotating cast of producers: long time creative partner Cavendish Crescent, the always reliable Producer Ros, and to varying degrees of success and infirmity, Blind Willy Dupree. Trip and Rodney the Bear are available for private functions, including, but not limited to, weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs. Bookers should be aware that both Rodney and Trip are gluten-free.